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30 July 2020

Post-Modernism Feature 1- Robert G. Mugabe International Airport

Architectural ThrowbackPost-modernism Feature 1- Robert G. Mugabe International Airport.The Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport's new terminal is different from the airport's other terminals. It was built during the postmodernist era, inspired by the decorative designs found in Great Zimbabwe. The government had the clear intention of creating a unique Zimbabwean-style structure when constructing the terminal building. This was intended to promote Zimbabwe's economy by boosting the trave...
30 July 2020

Climate Responsive Design Webinar

The Commonwealth Association of Architects is pleased to launch a pilot programme of lectures for built environment professionals, the aim of which is to facilitate knowledge exchange between member organisations and member firms, to help promote mutual understanding and greater awareness of issues related to climate change and rapid urbanisation together with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).While targeted at qualified built environment professionals, it is hoped that this serie...
21 July 2020

Architects Council of Zimbabwe Board Announces Professional Practice Exam Dates

Architects Council of Zimbabwe Board Announces Professional Practice Exam Dates. See poster for more details
15 July 2020

Emerge Call for Entries: Open to Students of the SADC Region

A pandemic has swept the globe and we are facing new challenges. Covid-19 has changed our way of living as it spreads through respiratory droplets, by direct contact with infected persons, or contaminated objects and surfaces. We have been forced to retreat into our homes in quarantine and isolation, making us to re-think our multifunctional spaces.Emerge Kumba is looking for conceptual proposals of the ideal home in a post -pandemic world.We ask you to imagine a family of three, assign each mem...
15 July 2020

Bio-Hybrid the Future of Mobility?

The city of the future is digital and connected and this has seen the birth of smart solutions across the world. One of the most notable ones is the Bio-Hybrid vehicle which is a new, modern form of personal mobility and means of transportation.Livable cities require new forms of transportation. The Bio‑Hybrid is fun, trendy, eco-friendly, healthy and supports an urban lifestyle. New forms of available mobility will change the infrastructure in our cities. The Bio‑Hybrid closes the gap between b...
8 July 2020

Africa Union of Architects presents 'Digital transformation for cultural heritage in the time of COVID-19'

There is no doubt that cultural heritage institutions face real challenges as museums, libraries, theaters, cinemas, and handicraft markets were among the first to be closed due to visitor gatherings. In light of the strict measures in the social distancing, the confinement and the total lockdown of most cities, with the suspension of air traffic, buses and trains cross countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a mechanism should be found to restore the visitors intimate contact with cultural heri...