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IAZ Membership

Membership of the IAZ is not restricted to Registered Architects and there are several categories of membership.

There are five categories of IAZ membership:

  1. Student Members - persons undergoing a course of study approved by the Board.
  2. Graduate Members - persons who hold a qualifica­tion in architecture approved by the Architects Council for registration, but are not registered Architects.
  3. Members - persons who are Registered Architects with the Architects Council of Zimbabwe 
  4. Affiliate Members - persons or body of persons who have affiliated architectural interests.
  5. Retired Members - persons who have been mem­bers of the institute for at least five years and have retired from practice.

Note that Associate membership is intended for those persons who are not registered architects under the terms of the Architects Act 1975 and therefore may not perform the work of an Architect. No Associate Members entitled to vote on any Gener­al Meeting or to nominate or second any candidate as a member of the Board or to cast his vote for any such. Please contact the IAZ office for further information on membership - All forms are available from the IAZ Office.