Foreign Architects Registration


Under the Architects Act, any foreign Architects who undertake an architectural comĀ­mission in Zimbabwe are required to take out temporary registration with the Architects Council of Zimbabwe.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. Any person who has, in the opinion of Council, been bona fide engaged to perform the work of an architect in a Consultative capacity and who is not ordinarily resi­dent in Zimbabwe, is over the age of twenty-one and possesses an approved architectural qualification and has had at least three years experience, may apply for tem­porary registration which can be renewed annually (Sec­tion 27 of the Architects Act 1975 refers). The fee per part­ner or principal in control of the project is determined by Architects Council.
  2. Temporary registration is linked and restricted to one project only and the applicant is required to be in associ­ation with a registered architect for that project. Persons who are temporarily registered may not enter into general practice and may only be concerned in that particular project. Temporarily registered persons are subject to the provisions of the Architects Act and Regulations as is a fully registered person. Your attention is drawn to the fact that a registered person may not "tout" for business in terms of Section 4 of RGN 810 of 1976 "Architects (Professional Conduct) Regulations".
  3. In order to meet the above requirements, a person wishing to apply for temporary registration should be pre­pared to furnish the following information:
  4. Documentary evidence of place of residence.
  5. Documentary evidence of date and place of birth.
  6. An original certificate of any qualification which is relied upon for registration, or a certified copy.

For further information please contact the Architects Council of Zimbabwe.