Holding a Competition

Choose an Architect by holding a competition

An alternative method of selecting an Architect, and this applies mainly to large prestigious projects, is to hold a competition.

Note that all Architectural competitions in Zimbabwe must be approved by the Architects Council. There are two types of competitions, these being:

  • Architectural Competition in which all Registered Architects may participate. This is suitable for large projects of public interest. The competion is entirely run for the client by The Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe who would help the client to define the competion brief and handle the submission of entries, adjudication, event and award of prizes. Participation is annoymous.
  • Ideas Competition where the client shortlists several Architects on the basis of their previous work and portfolios and invites them to participate in a limited design competition. Note in the terms of Architects (Professional Conduct) Regulations each particpating Architect would need to be renumerated accordingly for the work that client requires them to submit - which is typically a concept design.  Although Ideas Competitions are not administered by The Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe - they need to be approved by The Architects Council of Zimbabwe to ensure that the renumeration offered is appropriate. 
  • For further information on competitions contact the Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe.