Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe Launches New Social Media Channels.

Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe (IAZ) has launched new social media channels to better communicate its profession, aims, activities and policies around architecture with its different audiences.

IAZ presence on social media has also been updated and expanded. Engage with AIZ on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Together with the website, the social media channels are intended to reflect the efforts of the institute, members, students, and collaborators to achieve a vision of a nationally recognized institute known for collaboration, dedication, and research in the fields of Architecture.

The website highlights 'Working with an Architect,' 'List of Registered Architects,' and 'Architects Council Of Zimbabwe,' 'Education & Careers,' along with categories exploring 'About Us' as well as the latest news and events. Additionally, information is grouped to make it easier to navigate between pages.
The social media channels and website will better communicate what IAZ does and the value provided to the architects and the Zimbabwean community.
The website and social media site are modelled in line with the Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe’s communication drive both traditionally and digitally.

The IAZ website and social media will also achieve these goals:

  • Better position and distinguish the IAZ among its peer institutions while helping IAZ meet its business goals.
  • Create a more compelling and accessible experience for site users, especially architects and the built environment partners.
  • Increases awareness and visibility of IAZ through improved search engine optimization.
  • Allows for continuous improvement based on user feedback and performance.